Gallery LA VR

There’s a crazy amount of independent art galleries in Downtown Los Angeles. Most of them are unsearchable in Google. When driving on the out skirts of Downtown Los Angeles, you’ll find galleries big and small scattered around the most unlikely places. Most are run by local artists and others by outside artists from other countries.  Whatever the origination, its always great to see the community grow and I wanted to contribute in some way. Also worth mentioning, I volunteer at Superchief gallery in DTLA every now and then, and I always try to consult on whatever digital challenges they may run into.

I decided to start a public data set/API for anyone to access. Anyone could also add new gallery info and help grow the API. The intention is to make it public for anyone to use as a resource in their own way. Anyone can use it for their apps, directories, data reference, and so on. And most importantly, it was an excellent opportunity for me to learn a backend framework or “stack” as most devs call it. I used Node.js as my server, Express.js for routing, Handlebars for my views and MongoDB for the database.

I made it a VR experience on the last minute. After reading a Google Dev blog post about releasing their framework, I became motivated in making some VR content. In the blog post, Google’s VR documentation was helpful in specifications and camera recommendations. I purchased the Richo Theta camera for around 300 bucks. Then I studied the framework and integrated it with my database. When adding a new gallery in the database, you have the option to add VR.


1. To view the VR database, go to

2. To log in using following credentials:

Username: rrudy90023

Password: rudy

*For optimal VR experience, view on a mobile device. Thanks to all the gallery owners for letting me shoot their space.